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3 New Ways to Earn Extra Chances

People who engage with your promotions can earn extra chances in three new ways! You can now incentivize them to visit a web link, download a mobile app, or download an Alexa skill. These options are a great way to drive traffic to your website or a sponsor’s website and increase app or Alexa Skill downloads.


Web Link:


Mobile App:


Alexa Skill:


When setting up a Sweepstakes, Codeword Sweepstakes, or Quiz, you can enable any of these extra chances on the promotion’s Sweepstakes step. Choose from Web Link, Mobile App, or Alexa Skill. All three options will allow you to add your Call to Action text and the URL you want people to visit. Decide how many extra chances you want to award, and you’re all set. 


To learn more about How Extra Chances Work, visit this help article.