Advertiser Showcase Setup

Advertiser Showcase - Design

This guide will display how you can edit and enhance the design of your Advertiser Showcase.

Select a Template

ballots - select template

Some templates offer more design options than others. You can change your template at any time by clicking on the template selector.

Tip! Our templates save automatically. Once you change something, you can verify that it's been saved by whether or not there is a checkmark next to the section.

After you have added your design, you can click between different templates to see how your added design will appear within each template.

Customize Your Aesthetics

ballots - aesthetics

  1. Choose a Primary Color: You can enter a specific hex code as your primary color, or you can choose a color from the color wheel by clicking on the hex code.
  2. Add a Template Image: You can upload the image, add via URL, or add via your image library
  3. Add optional Additional CSS: This section is off by default. To enable additional CSS, click on the blue plus button next to it. This section should only be used by those with a working knowledge of CSS.

Tip! You can remove certain items from the design by selecting the gray x to the right of the item.

Customize your Text

ballots - text

Different templates will offer different text options. The example above displays the Call to Action text area within the Graphic Header template. This is a great area to add your contest rules, prize details, and information about your sponsor.

Tip! The design preview is responsive, so if you click on an area within the preview, it will open the fly-out for that design item for you to edit.

Adding Images to your Call to Action

Sweeps Adding an Image-1

Edit the Social Sharing Options

Second_Street_240FF934You can choose to provide sharing options for FacebookTwitterEmail, and Pinterest. Each option will provide different customization options such as an image, title, and description.

Tip! The Facebook Share image has a suggested image ratio of 1.91:1 (ex. 1200 x 630 pixels). The Pinterest Share image has a suggested image ratio of 1:1 (ex. square image).