Audiences Overview

Audience Setup

This guide will detail how you can set up an Opt-In or Segmented Audience.

Audience Creation


Access your Audiences tab and click on the Audience Creation button in the bottom right corner.

Opt-In Audience

Tip! When you create a new Opt-In Audience, you create an opt-in you can include on any of your registration forms. If you create an opt-in on your registration form, you will automatically generate a new Opt-In Audience within the Audience tab.


  • Name your Audience

  • Edit the Signup Prompt

This is what will appear on registration forms within your contests and interactive content.

  • Select if you'd like to Star the Opt-In

Starring the opt-in will make it appear in your starred items within your registration pages. It will also pin the audience to the top of your Opt-In audiences so you can easily access it.

Segmented Audience


  • Name your audience
  • Create your audience by applying Filters or Uploading a List