Automatic Image Retrieval

If you would like myCapture to automatically retrieve the full-resolution file for fulfilling an order - the full-resolution files must be hosted on one of your servers. You can have multiple logic plans ordered so if one fails to get a image, we try the next plan in your list.

Our servers that collect images IP addresses are:

So, if security is important to you, please make sure only we can access them.

Remote Hosting - Full-Resolution Retrieval


Select the Full-Resolution Retrieval tab under the Remote Hosting header in the left navigation. Then, select the green ADD button to add a new logic plan.

Remote Logic Plan


Enter a name for your plan in the Plan Name field.

The Starting Data field is what you start modifying to obtain the full resolution image. By default, this is set to Image - the path to the low-resolution image used on checkout - but you can also use the Notes parameter.

Tip! If you are using an older version of this API please select "Image" for the previewpath string and "Thumbnail Path" for the thumbpath string.

Add Step


You can add as many steps and actions as is required to obtain the full resolution image. They include:

Replace/Remove Text: With this you can replace or remove any text from whatever Starting Data you selected when starting your plan.

Insert Text: You can insert any specific text or the notes path at the beginning, end, positions, in front or after text.

Replace Between Text: If you want to replace or remove everything between specific text use this action. For instance you could replace any subdomain by replacing between "http://" and "."

Truncate Text: You can trim from the end or beginning to any specific number of characters.

Regular Expression (Advanced): If none of the previous actions are robust enough to obtain the needed results - you can use regular expressions here.

Sample Plan


Here is a sample page using our javascript code to sell the image on the page.

The image on the page has a path of:

The high resolution image needed for printing has a path of:

To obtain that high-resolution image, all that is needed to be done is remove small from the filename.

To do this, you would create a plan that uses the Replace/Remove Text action looking for small and remove it.

We do have a live Preview pane on the page where you create a plan. Whenever you add, remove or re-order a step in your plan the preview will update in the bottom left pane.

Order Multiple Plans


If you need multiple logic plans, you can create as many as you need. We will attempt to collect the image via each plan you have in the order listed on your plans page.