Ballots - Dashboard

Use the Dashboard to gather key insights from your Ballot, as well as moderate votes and entrants.

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Moderate Entries

By default, newly submitted entries will have a pending status. Clicking Moderate Write-Ins or Moderate Nominations allows you to approve or reject entries. Approved entries will be presented in the ballot for users to vote on. 

Voting Ballot:

Approve writeinNomination and Voting Ballot: 

approve noms

Learn more about Moderating Entrants.

Moderate People

By IP Address

You can disqualify users by clicking on the checkbox to the left of their name or by clicking the checkbox at the top to select all people from that IP Address, and then clicking disqualify at the bottom of the page.

By Status

Tip! If you accidentally disqualified a person, you will be able to make them active again.

Learn more about how to Moderate People.

Nomination and Vote Data

Vote Nom chart

Nomination Chart (Nomination and Voting Ballot Only)

This chart tracks the nomination data for your contest and includes the total number of nominations and the dates for your nomination round. You can also use the green REPORTS button to download the Nominations Report. Clicking the three-dot overflow menu will allow you to Import Additional Votes, as well as Moderate People

Vote Chart (Both ballot types)

This chart tracks the voting data for your contest and includes the total number of votes and the dates for your voting round. You can also use the green REPORTS button to download the Votes Report. Clicking the three-dot overflow menu will allow you to Import Additional Votes into your ballot, as well as Moderate People

Winners Information

When voting has ended, an alert to review winners will appear on your dashboard.

Voting Winners

The winning entries are determined by who has the most votes. You can control the number of winners and how they are referred to from your Dates and Winners tab in Setup. 

Sweepstakes Winners

If the Sweepstakes functionality was enabled for the contest, there will also be an area to preview the sweepstakes winner(s).

Sweepstakes winners can be picked or re-picked by clicking the button at the top. Sweepstakes winners are not shown on the front end of the contest.

Publishing Winners

To publish the winner(s) to your contest, select Publish Winners. You will also be able to un-publish winners, should you accidentally publish them.

Note: Winners are not published on your consumer facing site until you click to Publish them from your dashboard. This allows you to make any necessary changes or add votes before your winners are displayed to the public.

Learn more about Publishing Winners.


You can see a breakdown of demographic information you've collected from users participating in your contest. This includes information like total people, age ranges, location, and gender information.



The people report contains the individual entry information and anything entered on the registration form by the user.


The nominations report contains individual nomination information and the user who nominated.


The votes report contains the individual votes submitted by each user.

-Sweepstakes Winners

If your contest included a sweepstakes, the sweepstakes winners report will show the registration info for the sweepstakes winner(s).


The entrants report contains the full list of entrants, categories, and groups for your contest

Tip! This report is helpful for building future ballots - check out Import Setup for a ballot.

-Current Leaders/Winners

The Current Leaders report will show you where each entrant currently stands on the ballot including their rank, place, and number of votes.

-Opt-in Report(s)

Downloading the opt-in report will download a list of users who have ever opted into that opt-in.

Tip!  The opt-in report will contain opt-in data for the entire life of opt-in, not just users that have opted in through this specific contest.

To learn more about what's included in the opt-in report, click here.