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Banking on Ballots - Best Of and More!

Nomination Voting Ballot

A Citywide Best Of the Best ballot is the single biggest promotion that our partners run year over year. This type of promotion will not only reach your readers, viewers, and listeners, but also every member of your community and every business within. This makes the opportunities to generate revenue and drive engagement endless.  

Get started on your Best Of with our Guide to Citywide Ballots. This is your one stop shop for everything that you will need to knock your city wide ballot out of the park. Also, don’t forget to check out How to Drive Six-Figure Revenue from Your Citywide Ballot

Need more examples?  Check out these lab articles:

Need help setting up your ballots?Second_Street_Help_Center_23F1D929

No worries! We've got you covered. Here's how to set up a two-phase Nomination & Voting Ballot or a one-phase Voting Ballot.

Other Successful Ballot Types:Maximize_Your_Engagement___Revenue_with_Ballots_23F1D97E

Ballots aren’t just for you your Citywide Best-Of anymore. Check out our guide to Maximizing Your Engagement & Revenue with Ballots and up your ballot game for 2020.

Looking for year round ideas?  We’ve got you covered:

    Turnkey Ballots: