Email FAQ

Can I edit the template making images bigger?

Of course! If your organization licenses our Email product, you have the ability to create Custom Templates. Here is where you can access all of our help documentation relating to Custom Templates.

If you do not license our Email product, you can edit an of Second Street's templates to meet your design standards with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge.

First you'll  need to select the template within the designer that you're wanting to edit.

After selecting the template option, you'll need to switch the design method to HTML. This can be done by clicking the overflow menu at the top of the designer. Here, you'll see the source HTML for the template that was preselected, and you'll have the ability to make any edits to the original design.

Finally, after switching the design method to HTML you'll be able to open the designer to see the HTML. Here, you can make any changes you'd like to the original template design.

Tip! We recommend editing the content of the email before making changes to the template. This way, you're able to see the updated template with correct content. Otherwise, you can choose to make edits to the template design before editing the content.