Email FAQ

How to Use Video in an Email

Sponsors or clients may ask you if you have the ability to embed a video into the content of a sponsored email campaign for them. Unfortunately, most email clients (including Gmail and Outlook) do not support video playback functionality within an email. Video embed codes from YouTube or Vimeo use different code that is not universally compatible with every email client. We recommend linking to the video within the email instead.

Heads Up! While you may see that you can include an embed code of your video within the email preview designer, it will not display correctly once sent.

How to Use Video in Your Email

Using play button

Insert a Static Image: Upload a static image with a Play button to simulate the experience of playing a video.

Link to a Hosted Video File. Host the video using your own content management software, or use video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Copy the video’s URL and paste into the image or button link. 

Play Button and CTAUse a Call to Action Button. Treat videos like an Article or Item in your newsletter content. Use the Button to link to the video URL.