Codeword Sweepstakes Dashboard

Codeword Sweepstakes - Dashboard

The Dashboard will allow you to view the results of your Codeword Sweepstakes, gather reports, and pick your winners.

Codeword Sweepstakes - Dashboard - Scrolling Down


Codeword Sweeps - Dashboard - EntriesYou can track user participation during the contest on the dashboard of the contest, moderate entries, and pick and view winners.

Moderate People

ModerateEntriesSweepstakesDashboardThe moderate people section will allow you to review, search and disqualify entries into the contest by round.  

Pick Winners

Codeword Sweepstakes - Dashboard - Picking WinnersClicking the Pick Entire Round Winners button will select a winner for the contest or round. 

Note: This button will say Pick Winners if you are only selecting 1 winner. 

The resulting 'Winner Card' will include details on the winning user’s eligibility to win future contests in the bottom left corner. Eligibility is set in the Rules and Legal step. For details on how to setup Restrictions, click here

Re-Pick button

Re-Pick Winners

If you need to re-pick a new winner for any reason, you may do so by clicking the Re-Pick Winner button or Re-Pick Entire Round button

If you re-pick a winner, the entry that was the original winner will still be eligible to win future contests or rounds. Winner restrictions will only apply to the user that is ultimately left as your winner.

Heads Up! There is a difference in functionality between the Re-Pick Entire Round and the Re-Pick Winner buttons. 

  • If you choose Re-Pick Entire Round, all winning users for that round will be re-picked
  • If you choose Re-Pick Winner on an individual card, it will only re-pick that specific winner, not all winners for the round

Review Winners

The winner is not reflected on the website, and the winner is not automatically notified by the platform.

Download and View Reports

Codeword Sweepstakes - Dashboard - Scrolling Reports

Tip! For more information about what's included in the reports on your dashboard, click here.

You can view and download different reports available for the contest. Simply click the green Download button to download promotion data, or click the blue View button to view the report within the dashboard.

  • Entries

The entries report contains all entries submitted along with their registration information.

  • People

The people report contains the unique individual entries into the contest and their registration information.

  • Winners

The winners report is an export of the winners and their registration information.

  • Opt-In Report(s)

Opt-In Dashboard - GeneralThere will be an Opt-In report available for each Opt-In field presented on the entry form. The Opt-In pie chart will show you users who: Already Opted In, Didn’t Opt In, and Newly Opted In. The report will include newly opted in users specific to this promotion. 

To learn more about what's included in the opt-in report, click here.

Social Clicks

Social Click Through Stats

If you've included Facebook or Instagram Links on either your registration form or extra chances form, we will show you the percentage and number of users that did or did not click on the social link.

Heads Up! Twitter, Tweet, and Facebook Like fields are not tracked.

Opt-In Report(s) and Custom Fields

Opt In and Custom Form Fields

You can view charts representing any opt-in and custom form questions on your registration form.


skitchYou can view the demographic information you’ve collected from users participating in your sweepstakes such as Location, Age, and Gender.