Setup Help and Best Practices

Codeword Sweepstakes - Publish

Here you will choose how you would like to Publish your Codeword Sweepstakes.

There are 2 ways you can publish your promotion:

Hosted by Second Street

Choosing to have your contest hosted by Second Street will publish the promotion onto your organizations' URL.codword sweeps - wrapperYou have three options for customizing the look and feel. Just select Edit One Time Wrapper or Override (if your account has a default wrapper) to access the below options:

  • No Wrapper

This will present the contest with no branding.

  • Scrape Page

A scrape page is a URL that lives on your organizations' content management system. It contains HTML representing the look and feel of your organization along with a token, {SS-APP}, which represents the section within the HTML that the Second Street promotion will be appear.

  • Custom HTML

Upon choosing the Custom HTML option, you will be presented with an area to build out your HTML. The token {SS-APP} again needs to placed in the location you would like the Second Street promotion to populate.

Tip! You can set wrappers or custom HTML for both large and small devices.

Embedded on a Site

Heads Up! To generate the embed code for your promotion, you will need to select the radio button for Embedded On, and then enter the URL where your promotion will appear on the blank line where you see the example URL. Once you have added your promotion URL, you will be able to grab your embed code by clicking on the Get Embed Code or Get WordPress Shortcode buttons.

codeword sweeps - embed

You can choose to embed your contest using an embed code or Wordpress shortcode. If you are using the Wordpress shortcode, you will need to install our Wordpress plugin. You can download the plugin here.

Check out this article for some basic troubleshooting tips on embedded promotions.

Publish to Facebook

Heads Up! Due to changes made by the new Facebook aesthetic, publishing promotions to Facebook is unfortunately unavailable.

You will be able to remove tabs for any promotions currently published to Facebook within Facebook Classic. If you are unable to revert to Facebook Classic, is an extension that will allow you to switch back to the Classic version to remove your promotion tab.