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College Basketball 3-in-1 Cancellation - What Should I Do Now?

Below are common questions related to the cancellation of the 2020 College Basketball tournament.

  • What suggestions does Second Street have to help me replace the revenue we expected to make from my bracket promotion?

The articles below will provide multiple ideas to help you keep your sponsorship dollars without College Basketball!

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- How to Keep Your Sponsorship Dollars Without College Hoops

- 8 March Bracket Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Basketball

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  • How do I make sure the College Basketball 3-in-1 no longer appears for our users to access?

If you have embedded the contest, you will need to remove the embed code from that page, or un-publish that page from your website entirely. It may be helpful to speak with your web or IT team if you are unsure of how to do this.

If you just added a link to the contest on your page, you can simply remove that link from your page. Again, it may be helpful to speak with your web or IT team if you are unsure of how to do this.

You can also deactivate the contest by switching it to Test Mode within the partner tool by clicking on the three dot menu next to the contest name within the Contests tab. Users will then see that the promotion is inactive if they do happen to click on a link to the contest.

Here is where you can switch the contest to Test Mode:


  • I read the information about the recent release of Voting Brackets. How do I get access to Voting Brackets?  

Voting Brackets are available to our partners who license our Interactive Content products! Check our our help articles that will walk you through the setup of Voting Brackets here.

  • Is Second Street sending an email to users who registered for the College Basketball 3-in-1 bracket letting them know the bracket is not available this year because the tournament was cancelled?

We will not be sending an email to registered users. Instead, when a user visits the contest, they will see the message that appears on all pages of the contest letting them know that because the tournament has been cancelled, there will be no contest this year. Here is a screen shot of that message: 


  • What if I want to send an email to users who registered for the contest to let them know about other contests we are running? How do I do that?  

You can download the list of all users who have currently registered within your College Basketball 3-in-1 contest within the Downloads/Reports tab.

UPickem_Affiliate_Tool_241BC8CFIf you license our Email product, you can import this list of users into a Segmented Audience and send a Single Email to that audience with links to the other promotions you are running.

If you do not license our Email product, you can download this list of registered users and send to them using your email provider.