Community Gallery Dashboard

Community Gallery - Dashboard

The Dashboard will allow you to view the results of your Community Gallery and gather user information and reports.

Dashboard Overview


You will be able to moderate, view, and edit entries within the Dashboard.


By default, newly submitted photos will have a 'pending' status. Clicking Moderate Entries allows you to approve or reject photos. Approved photos will be presented in the gallery for users to vote on. Learn more about how to Moderate Entries.


Sweepstakes Winners

If there was a sweepstakes within the Community Gallery, there will also be an area to preview the sweepstakes winner(s).

Sweepstakes winners can be picked or re-picked by clicking the button at the top. Sweepstakes winners are not shown on the front end of the contest.


You can also see a breakdown of demographic information you've collected from users participating in your contest. This includes information like total people, age ranges, location, and gender information.



Sweepstakes Entries

Tip! For more information about what's included in the reports on your dashboard, click here.

The sweepstakes entries report contains user's information for those users that are participating in the sweepstakes for this gallery.


The people report contains the unique individual entries into the contest and their registration information.


The winners report is an export of the winners and their registration information. This is only available when the sweepstakes option is turned on.

Opt-in Report(s)

Downloading the opt-in report will download a list of users who have ever opted into that opt-in.

Tip!  The opt-in report will contain opt-in data for the entire life of opt-in, not just users that have opted in through this specific contest.

To learn more about what's included in the opt-in report, click here.

- Export Approved Photos

This will export all approved photos into a zip file and send to the email address with which you are logged in.