Community Gallery Setup

Community Gallery - Publish

Here you will choose how you would like to Publish your Community Gallery.

Note: This video shows you the Publish step for a Sweepstakes but is the same set up for a Community Gallery.

Hosted by Second Street

Choosing to have your contest hosted by Second Street will publish the ballot onto your organizations' URL.

You have three options for customizing the look and feel:

  • No Wrapper

This will present the contest with no branding.

  • Scrape Page

A scrape page is a URL that lives on your organizations' content management system. It contains HTML representing the look and feel of your organization along with a token, {SS-APP}, which represents the section within the HTML that the Second Street promotion will be appear.

  • Custom HTML

Upon choosing the Custom HTML option, you will be presented with an area to build out your HTML. The token {SS-APP} again needs to placed in the location you would like the Second Street promotion to populate.

Embedded on a Site

You can choose to embed your contest using an embed code or Wordpress shortcode. If you are using the Wordpress shortcode, you will need to install our Wordpress plugin. You can download the plugin here.

Tip! When embedding your promotion, you will want to make sure that the exact URL is entered onto the Embedded On line, as this area is used to generate your users' magic login links.

Publish to Facebook

You have the ability to publish your promotions to a Facebook page for which you have admin permissions. For a full walk-through of publishing your promotion to Facebook, click here!

Tip! The Mobile-Friendly URL is the dynamic link you should use to promote your contest, as Facebook's mobile and tablet app do not support contesting tabs.