Community Gallery Setup

Community Gallery - Registration

Editing the Community Gallery's registration form allows you to strategically select what information users submit when registering within your gallery.

Setting up your Registration Page

Each of your promotions will automatically inherit the Default Form, which can be customized within your Organizations' Settings.

Tip! The platform uses smart registration. This means that when a user who has previously participated in any contest with your group in the past enters their email on page one, page two will only require them to complete fields they have not previously provided data for in the past. Smart registration can be bypassed by creating a single page registration form.

Add an Item


To add an item to the registration form, click the Add an Item button.

Items Options


Add a Starred Item

Items that you have created in the past, and have starred because you frequently use them

Create a new Custom Item

New items that can be customized and added to the registration form

Locate and add an Existing Field

Utilize the Search All Items option

Tip! When you create an item in your sweepstakes, that item can be used in all other promotional content you create. This means that you will not want to edit existing items unless you want that change to appear on all other promotions in which that item has been used.

Adding a New Opt-in


Enter the Opt-In Text

Pre-Checked or Required Options

Tip! As a best practice, we recommend that you do not require your opt-in unless it is required for legal purposes.

Star and Enter a Starred Nickname for the Opt-In

Searching for an Item


Selecting the search all items button will allow you to search for a previously created field by using a keyword or phrase. Once you have located the field, simply click to add the field to the registration form.