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Community Gallery - Sweepstakes Winners

This article will go over how you can pick and view your sweepstakes winners.

Sweepstakes Winners


If the sweepstakes option was enabled within the gallery, there will also be an area to select the sweepstakes winner.

- Sweepstakes winners can be reviewed by clicking View & Pick Winners.

- The sweepstakes winners report can be accessed by clicking the green download icon in the bottom right corner of your admin tool.

View & Pick Sweepstakes Winners


You can pick your winners by selecting 'Pick Entire Round Winners


The sweepstakes winner page will display information about the sweepstakes winner.

1. All winners can be picked or re-picked by clicking the button at the top.

2. Individual winners can be re-picked by selecting Re-Pick Winner in the bottom right corner of that winner's card.