Components - Articles

The Articles component creates a content area for one or more items. This component is a grouping of elements: Headline, Image, Description, Button, & Publish Date.


This component allows you to choose how many Items you want to appear in the group and offers four predetermined layout options to save you time: single stacked, two equal columns, image flush left, and image flush right.

Any changes you make to the group of items in an Article component apply to all items in that group, so they stay in sync.

Tip! When creating an email with the custom template builder, only three items will appear by default in the message design. To see more Items appear, you will need to complete the first Item in the message step for a Single Email for more Items to appear. We outline how to complete the Items here.

This grouping of elements cannot be separated or turned off in the Template Builder. They are arranged in a predetermined order with set padding between them. If you do not want your elements grouped like this, then you may prefer independent Text, Image, and Button components.

This component is necessary if you want to pull in content via an RSS feed. Independent text and buttons do not allow you to make use of RSS feeds.

Tip! Pub Date only shows up in Newsletter email types.

The individual content areas like Headline and Button can be edited and turned off/on in the Email Designer where you will build your actual email.