Components - Editable HTML

The Editable HTML component creates a content area that accepts HTML code and renders it.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 9.41.18 AM

One of the primary uses for this component is ad tags. This is the ideal place to put ad tag code from 3rd party vendors such as LiveIntent or Power Inbox, since those tags are really blocks of HTML.

The Editable HTML content block may be preferable over the Static HTML content block because the editable one allows you to actually edit the HTML within the Email Designer when setting up your email. This is ideal if you are using an ad tag for multiple organizations and need to customize it per org.

When adding a new Editable HTML content block to your template, you will be asked to choose from an existing content block or create a new one. You will then be able to set a default for that content block, or be able to add your HTML content to that area when setting up an actual email.

The content in these areas can be edited or turned off/on in the Email Designer when you build your actual email.