Contests FAQ

Connecting an Instagram Business Account

Getting Started

To connect your Instagram business account to a Photo/Video Sweepstakes, you’ll need the following:

If the Instagram account you’d like to use is not currently a business account, you’ll have the option to change the account to a business account, but you will have to do this account conversion via the Instagram mobile app on your phone, not on desktop.

Tip! An Instagram Business account is the same as a Professional Account. Just select the option to switch to a Professional Account, select any category, and then when given the option to select Creator or Business - select Business.

Your Facebook Page must be connected to the Instagram Business Account. You can do this via your Facebook account or in Instagram’s mobile app.

Connecting via Facebook

On your Facebook Home page, your pages will be listed on the left side under the Pages heading. Click on the Page you’d like to connect, and then select Settings under Manage Options on the left side of the page. From there, you can follow Facebook’s instructions for connecting your Instagram account.

Connecting via Instagram

You will need to be logged into Instagram’s mobile app. Then you can follow Instagram’s instructions for connecting your account to your Facebook Page.

Note: The account connection between Instagram and Facebook is required per Facebook’s guidelines, and allows Second Street to identify you as a user with appropriate access to these accounts when you sign in.

Connecting your Instagram Business Account to a Second Street Photo/Video Sweepstakes

Navigate to the Sweepstakes step of your setup and then scroll down to the question that asks Do you want to also collect entries from Instagram using hashtags?

Log In with Facebook Hashtag contests - logging into FB

Click on the Continue with Facebook button to launch the Facebook login modal. You will be asked for an email and password.

Heads Up! The account you log in with must have Admin or Editor privileges for the Facebook page.

Facebook Continue blurredYou will then be asked to verify that you are the user signing in. Select Continue as XXX to proceed.

Select your Instagram Business Account 

Facebook Select Instagram Account blurredYou will be asked to select your Instagram business account. Check the box next to the Instagram Business Account you’d like to use and select Next.

Heads Up! If you do not see your Instagram account, it is either not a business account or not connected to a Facebook page to which you have access. See the Getting Started section of this help doc above.

Select Your Facebook Page

Facebook Select Instagram Accounts blurredThe next screen will show you all the Facebook Pages you have access to. You will only need to select the Page that is connected to the Instagram business account you just selected previously.

Heads Up! If you select a Page that is not connected to your Instagram business account, the contest will not be able to pull in entries from Instagram.  

Give Permissions to Your Accounts

Facebook Permissions blurredYou will need to give Second Street all of the permissions prompted on this screen so that users posting to Instagram can have their entries pulled into your promotion. Make sure all permission toggles are set to Yes and click Done.

Tip! These permissions are only used to connect your Instagram business account to a specific promotion and look up posts that @mention your business account and use your required hashtags. Second Street will not post to your social media pages or update your social media content.

Facebook Permissions Complete blurredFacebook will then display a screen indicating you have finished setup in their platform. Select OK to return to your promotion to finish setting up your hashtags.

Select Your Instagram Business Account in Second Street2020-11-24_09-55-39

Once you finish the Facebook setup process, you will now be able select an Instagram account. Choose the account you want to use and click Next to enter your hashtags.

Heads Up! You can only use one account to pull in Instagram entries.