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What is a Community Bulletin Board, and how can I create one?

What is a Community Board promotion?

A community board allows for local businesses and partners to provide their most up-to-date listing information for hours, contact info, and more. You can choose the best way to display this information on your site using a Second Street promotion, or via your own CMS outside of the Second Street platform.

What are the benefits of a Community Board promotion?

Now more than ever, members of the community are turning to you for assistance and guidance on how to connect with and help local businesses.

A Community Board promotion provides local businesses an efficient way to keep members of the community updated on:

  • The products/services they are offering
  • Their hours of operation
  • The best way to contact them

How can I create a Community Board?

Option 1: Community Board Turnkey (Voting Ballot)

Turnkey add 2

This is a turnkey promotion you can provide to gather and publish the most up-to-date information about local business. Business owners will input the latest information on the products and services they are currently offering, their hours of operation and their contact information. You will review and approve the information, much like you would a pending nomination, and make it available to your audience.

Note: Because this turnkey is built as a ballot, it will still use the same logic employed by a normal Voting Ballot, including automatically merging similar submissions. This turnkey uses Additional CSS to hide/update some elements that would normally appear in this promotion type. If you make changes to the Additional CSS, make sure to not to change the code we have included.  

To setup this promotion: 

  • Go to your organization's Turnkey Library (see GIF above)
  • Scroll down to the COVID-19 Turnkey Category
  • Find the Community Bulletin Board
  • Click Create
  • Continue to customize the turnkey to meet your community's needs. This turnkey is a modified Voting Ballot promotion - click here to learn more about how to set up a Voting Ballot.

Note: Alternatively, you can also use this Turnkey with write-in entries turned off, and provide a Survey link within the Call to Action area to collect your data. Results from the survey will not auto-populate in your ballot, and will need to be added manually. The survey gives you the ability to capture more data than the submission form allows.


Option 2: Survey and Advertiser Showcase (Voting Ballot)

Showcase add turnkey

If you are looking for more control over the information collected as well as the formatting/layout, you can run a two step promotion using a Survey and an Advertiser Showcase. A custom survey allows you to collect specific data that you are interested in sharing with users. This method does require more advanced setup work and maintenance, but ultimately gives you the most flexibility and control over your presentation. 

To setup this promotion: 

  • Create a survey in your account that includes questions as registration form fields for the data you wish to collect. Second Street offers a basic survey Turnkey called “Local Business Message Board” under the COVID-19 Turnkey section that you can use as a template, if you wish. You will likely want to add more fields to this Turnkey.
  • Embed or post the link to your survey on your website and social media accounts to encourage your local businesses to submit their information
  • Create an Advertiser Showcase by navigating to your turnkey library and selecting the Multi-Advertiser Sweepstakes Showcase promotion (see gif above)
  • Submit the business listing info in the Description field on the Ballot Step of your showcase. 

Heads Up! Make sure to submit the listing information, with the exception of the Business name and URL, into the Description field. Including them elsewhere will display many fields as buttons and disrupt your formatting. 

  • Post the Advertiser Showcase on your website such that users can view the listings. We also recommend including a link to your survey in the Call to Action text so visitors have easy access to submit their listing information. 

Note: Alternatively, you can also use the survey to collect your listing information, and then post that information directly to your website outside of the Second Street platform.