Community Gallery Setup

Create a Community Gallery

This guide will walk you through the Gallery step of your Community Gallery setup.

Creating a new Community Gallery


Select the Community Gallery option under Interactive Content to create your gallery.

Naming Your Community Gallery


When creating a new Community Gallery, you will prompted to name it.

Tip! If you have access to the Second Street Data Suite, you will be able to tag your gallery as well.

Gallery Setup

Submission Dates and Frequency


- Enter the dates for when users can submit to the gallery.

- Set the frequency for when users can submit their photos.

Tip! Enabling categories allows you to set the submission frequency per category.

Tip! Images will not be automatically added to the consumer site. You will need to moderate the images, approving them before they are added to the consumer site.

Adding Categories


Categories are can be used to organize your entries. For example, if you were to have a cutest pets gallery, this would allow you to set up categories such as Dogs and Cats so your users can submit photos of their pets to the right category.

If you want to add categories to your gallery, simply click Add Category.

Tip! You must have at least two categories to use categories.

Creating Categories


- Enter the Category Name

Example: If you're creating a cutest pets gallery, one category could be Dogs while another could be Cats.

- Add Additional Categories

Modifying Categories


- You can reorganize your categories by simply dragging and dropping them.

- To remove a category, click Remove.

Setting Pending Approval Emails


Any email addresses you add here will be emailed at the top of every hour if there are any entries pending approval.

Photo Submission Form


The Photo Title and Photo Caption will be enabled and required by default. If you wish to remove either of these fields, you may do so by selecting the X to the right of the fields.

The Media Release Consent will be off by default. If you want to enable this field, you may do so by clicking the blue plus button to the right of the field. When you turn it on, it will be required.


If you wish to change the text for the Photo Title, Photo Caption, or Media Release Consent fields, or make them not required, simply click into them to edit.