Setup Help

Create a Legacy Submission Contest

This guide will detail the first steps of how to create a Submission Contest.

Overall Settings


Contest Category

Select the appropriate contest category from the list.

Contest Name

This name will appear in many different places, such as the top of the Welcome tab.

Contest Start Date

This is the date you plan to start the contest


Set the contest to Test if you wish to hide it until you are ready to launch.

Contact Settings


Feedback Email Address

Enter the email address where consumer questions can be forwarded.

Contest Type, Approval & Winner Settings


# of Rounds / Round Type

Choose the number of rounds/weeks/days you want your contest to last.

Submissions Occur

Decide when you want to allow submissions to be made.

- Select "At the beginning of the contest" if this a contest where the number of entrants is reduced each round, ultimately ending with a winner in the final round.

- Select "At the beginning of each week/day/round" if this contest has multiple, identical rounds where new entries are voted on each week.

Registration Required for Submissions

Choose whether you want to require users to register an account in order to enter the contes

Show Approved Submission Gallery

Here you can decide when and if you want the approved submissions to be visible to users

Automatically Push to Voting Ballot

You have a choice to automatically push all approved entries to the voting ballot or manually move selected entries to the voting ballot at a later date. If you don't choose to automatically move all approved entries to the voting ballot, be sure to add them manually before the voting period begins.

Set your Dates & Times


Here you can enter a label for each round and then set the times during which users can submit and vote for each round.