Create a New Quiz

Create a Personality Quiz

Personality quizzes are an engaging, interactive quiz type that assigns a personality or trait based on answers selected by users.

Create the Quiz


Under the Interactive Content tab, click the purple interactive content creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Personality Quiz under the Quizzes column.

Configure Outcomes


Before you set up your quiz's questions, we recommend creating the outcomes first. We recommend that your personality quiz has at least 4-6 outcomes.
  • Click to add a new outcome
  • Enter the outcome name and description. Using the text editor, you can add text, photos, and even videos to the outcome description.
  • Upload an image (optional)

Tip! Recommended image size is 350px by 350px.

Configure Questions

  • Click to add a new question. We recommend 6-8 questions.
  • Enter the question text.
  • Upload an image (optional)

    Tip! Recommended image size is 720px by 300px or 1440px by 600px.

    Add Answer Options

    • Enter an answer option. We recommend using at least four answer options!
    • Add a weight to the answer option by assigning points for each outcome. Make sure that each outcome has a weight attached. 

    Tip! When weighting the answer options, select higher numbers for the answer options that are most aligned with the outcome. Make sure to add weight to each outcome. In the above example, "Candles & a Bottle of Champagne" was weighted the highest because that outcome is most related to the answer option of 'Oh yeah!'.

    • Upload an image (optional)

    Tip! We do not have a recommended size for answer images, but our system will resize the image for you - the only requirement is that the image be square or a 1:1 aspect ratio.

    • Once you've set up your questions and outcomes, you may want to set up branching logic to your quiz. Learn more about our quiz branching logic here.

    Check the Quiz Balance


    The Quiz Balance runs thousands of simulations to help you balance/manage the outcomes for your quiz. You can hover over each of the outcomes to see how they're weighted.

    Note: When checking the quiz balance, you are checking the balance of the entire quiz, not just that particular question. 

    After you’ve completed the setup of your questions, you can click ‘Back to Questions’ where you can drag and drop to re-order the questions. To make edits to the question, simply click on the question. Don’t forget to Save!

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