Setup Help

Create a Survey

Surveys are a great way for you to gather pertinent information from your users without the aspect of a contest or prize. A few things that separate a Survey from a Sweepstakes are:

- There is no prize/winner.

- The Email field is not required to be on the registration form.

- There is no Smart Registration.

Tip! Smart Registration occurs when a user who has previously participated in any contest with your group in the past enters their email on page one of a registration form, page two will only require them to complete fields they have not previously provided data for in the past. This feature is not enabled for Surveys.

Create the Survey


Under the Interactive Content tab, click on the purple interactive content creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Survey under the Questionnaires column.

Adding Items

You can add previously created or new custom fields to your form by clicking Add Item on each page.


  1. Search All Items: Search for previously created fields before creating new ones. Locate and add an Existing Field by searching for the exact text. 
  2. Create a new Custom Item: Custom form fields like checkboxes, drop downs, descriptive text, Facebook and Twitter social buttons, and more!
  3. Add a Starred Item: Items that you have created and saved in the past for repeated use.

Heads Up! When you create an item in your survey, that item can be used in all other promotional content you create. This means that you will not want to edit existing items unless you want that change to appear on all other promotions in which that item has been used.

Customizing your Formsurvey - form edit

  • Rearrange: Drag and drop items to the desired area on the entry form
  • Edit: Click each item to Edit the Text, Answers, Required Status, and Starred Status/Starred Nickname of an item
  • Remove: Remove an item from the form by clicking on the gray X to the right of the item
  • Add Page: Add additional pages to help format the questions you are asking

Adding a New Opt-insurvey - opt-in

  • Enter the Opt-In Text

Need help writing opt-in text? Read about The Art of Writing an Email Opt-In in The Lab

  • Select your Pre-Checked and Required Options

Tip! As a best practice, we recommend that you do not require your opt-in unless it is required for legal purposes.

    • Star and Enter a Nickname for the Opt-In
    • Enable Notifications and Sharing (Hot Leads): Send registration form data and customer leads directly to a contest sponsor - learn how to set up Hot Leads here!