Setup Help

Create a Sweepstakes

This guide will walk you through the Sweepstakes step of your Sweepstakes setup.

Set the Entry Start and End Dates

Sweepstakes Dates

Add Any Necessary Rounds (Optional)

Just select the 'Add Round' option to add an additional round. Rounds cannot overlap, so you will see that any following round will default to open a minute after the previous round has closed.

Tip! If rounds are added, only users who have entered in a specific round are eligible to win within that round. The entries do not carry over from round to round.

Sweepstakes Rounds

Dictate the Entry Frequency

The frequencies you can choose are once per round, once per hour, once per day, once per week, and an unlimited number of times.

Sweepstakes Frequency

Add Extra Chances

You can provide extra chances to users who refer a friend, answer a question, watch a video and/or opt-in.

If you choose to add extra chances for referring a friend, you can allow users to earn extra chances for every friend they refer, or earn extra chances just once, no matter how many friends they refer.

You can also dictate the number of extra chances users receive for each extra chance option.

Sweepstakes Extra Chances

Set the Number of Winners

If your sweepstakes has rounds, the number of winners you set here will be the number of winners chosen for each round.

Sweepstakes Winners