Setup Help

Create a Video Contest

This guide will walk you through the Contest step of your Video Contest setup.

Create the Video Contest


Under the Contests tab, click the green contest creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Video Contest under the Voting & Judging column.

Set the Submission Start and End Dates


Set the Submission Frequency

VideoContestSubmissionFrequencyYou can set the frequency to One time Only, Once per Hour, Once per Day, Once per Week, An unlimited number of times.

Add Categories (optional)

AddingCategoriesVideoContestYou must have at least two categories to use categories.

Set Up Pending Submission Approvals

PhotoSweepstakesPendingApprovalYou can set which users in your organization will receive a pending submission approval email. Simply enter their email address and click Add. Pending approval emails will be sent at the top of every hour.

Tip! You can add multiple users to the pending submission approval emails.

Edit the Video Submission Form

2019-08-15_1206You can change the text and requirements for the Video Title, Video Caption, or Media Release Consent fields by simply clicking into them to edit. You can also turn off any of these options by clicking the X to the right.

Set the Voting Start and End Dates


Set the Voting Frequency

2019-08-15_1209You can set the frequency to One time only, Once per Hour, Once per Day, or Once per Week.

Select the Number of Winners (per category)