Voting Bracket Setup

Create a Voting Bracket

With our Voting Brackets, you will be able to create a bracket with 2-64 entrants! Users will then be able to vote for their favorite entrants to advance round after round.

Heads Up! Adding, removing, or re-ordering entrants will be disabled after the bracket starts.

Create the Voting Bracket


Under the Interactive Content tab, click the purple interactive content creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Voting Bracket under the Voting column.

Adding EntrantsSecond_Street_240DAB7C

Click on the blue + Add New Entrant to create your entrants.

Tip! You should enter your entrants in the order of who is most likely to win. As you add your entrants, you will see seed numbers appear next to the entrant name. The first entrant you add will be seed 1, the second will be seed 2, and so on and so forth.

When the platform creates your matchups, the top seed will be paired with your lowest seed and work inwards to create each additional matchup.

Second_Street_240DAC1ETo remove an entrant you have created, click the overflow menu to the right of the entrant name and select Remove.

voting bracket - reordering entrants list viewYou can also drag and drop your entrants within the list to change their order.

Note: Dragging and dropping an entrant in this list changes the placement of every other entrant below that moved entrant.

If you are wanting to create a bracket with byes, check out this article to learn how!

Editing EntrantsSecond_Street_240DACB8

Clicking the blue + icon next to each entrant title will open the Description area for that entrant. Selecting the New Image button will allow you to insert an image for that entrant.

Note: The recommended image size for entrants is 600px x 600px - meaning square images work best!

Editing the entrant in any way triggers an auto-save.

Bracket Preview

Voting Bracket - reordering entrants

As you add your entrants, you will see a Bracket Preview option appear below your entrants. The preview will automatically pair entrants as you create them and allow you to see how your bracket will appear with your current entrants.

If you want to change how some of your entrants are paired up, you can swap one entrant for another by hovering over the entrant, clicking and dragging to another entrant, and letting go.

Tip! Dragging and dropping within the bracket preview will only affect placement for those two entrants!