Advertiser Showcase Setup

Create an Advertiser Showcase

An Advertiser Showcase allows you to create a central landing page where users can access multiple sweepstakes or promotions.

The Multi-Advertiser Showcase is located in the "Multi-Advertiser Showcases" category in your Turnkey Library.

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Setup Information


Note: The sweepstakes/promotions that will be added to your Advertiser Showcase will need to be created within your account separately from this showcase. You will then add the URL's for each sweepstakes/promotion as an entry in the Showcase.

Advertiser Showcase Creation

  • Select the creation button in the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Select Explore Turnkeys
  • Locate the Multi-Advertiser Showcases section and select the Showcase to create

Advertiser Showcase Setup

  • Name your Showcase

You will notice that your Showcase setup looks similar to a Voting Ballot setup. The only sections you will need to edit in your Showcase are the Ballot, Dates & Winners,  Design, Messages, and Publish sections.

  • Edit the Entrants/Sweepstakes
  • Replace the default image with your own custom image
  • Enter the Title

This will be the name of your sweepstakes

  • Add your sweepstakesDescription
  • Add your sweepstakes URL within the Website Link section

You can gather the URL of your previously created sweepstakes within the Publish section of your sweepstakes setup, or by selecting the View option within your sweepstakes setup


  • Repeat this process for all sweepstakes/contests you need to add to your Showcase

  • Navigate to the Dates & Winners section
  • Edit the end date to a time in the future, after all of your sweepstakes have ended