Advertiser Showcase Setup

Create an Advertiser Showcase

An Advertiser Showcase allows you to create a central landing page where users can access multiple sweepstakes or promotions.

Create the ShowcaseCreate advertiser showcase

To create your Showcase, go to the Interactive Content tab, click on the purple interactive content creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Explore Turnkeys. Then select any of the turnkeys offered within the Multi-Advertiser Showcase turnkey category.

Tip! You will notice that your Showcase setup looks very similar to a Voting Ballot setup. The only sections you will need to edit in your Showcase are the Ballot, Dates & WinnersDesign, Emails, and Publish sections.

You'll see that your Showcase is pre-populated with two example entrants. This is just to give you an idea of how your entrants should be set up for your Showcase. Next, you will want to create each individual sweepstakes for each of your sponsors.

Create the Sweepstakes

Follow the below steps to create all of the Sweepstakes for your Showcase:

  • Create your first Sweepstakes. If you need any help creating your Sweepstakes, check out our help articles here!
  • Once your first Sweepstakes is created, you can copy that Sweepstakes to speed up the process of creating your remaining Sweepstakes. Here is a help article that will detail how you can copy your Sweepstakes.

Heads Up! You will not want to edit existing items on the Entry Form of your copied Sweepstakes, unless you want that change to appear on all other Sweepstakes Entry Forms in which that item has been used. You will instead want to remove unneeded existing items and create new items within your copied Sweepstakes.

  • Gather all of your Sweepstakes URL’s and compile them within a separate document (like a spreadsheet) so that they can be easily added to your Showcase.
sweeps url

Tip! You can gather the URL of your Sweepstakes by selecting the View option within the Sweepstakes setup, within the Publish section of your Sweepstakes setup, or by clicking on the three dot menu next to the Sweepstakes within the Contests tab and selecting View.

Once you’ve finished creating your Sweepstakes, you will want to navigate back to your Interactive Content tab and access your Showcase.

Entrant Setup

The 'Entrants' within your Showcase will be placeholders for the sweepstakes you have created for your advertisers. Remember, a Showcase is simply a landing page for the multiple sweepstakes you have created.

Your Showcase is pre-populated with two entrants to give you an idea of how your entrants should be set up. You can edit and add your own content to the existing entrants by clicking on the pencil icon in the bottom right corner.showcase - entries
  • Replace the default image with your own custom image
  • Enter the Title
    • This will be the name of your sweepstakes
  • Add your sweepstakes Description
  • Add your sweepstakes URL within the Website Link section
  • Repeat this process for all sweepstakes you need to add to your Showcase

Heads Up! You will want to only add information to the Image, Title, Description, and Website Link areas of the Entrant.