Managing Admin Users Within Your Organization
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  3. Managing Admin Users Within Your Organization

Create, Search, and Edit Admin Users

Learn how to create, search for, and edit new admin user accounts within your organization.

Creating a New Admin User

Viewing and Searching for Users

Editing a Current User

Creating New Admin User

Heads Up! You must have the Admin User Creation permission in order to create new users. If you do not have this permission, contact an admin within your organization who does, or contact us to help you find an admin in your organization who does.



Note: You will also only be able to assign permissions that you have on your own account. 

  1. Click the Create button in the bottom right corner of the Users listing
  2. Enter the Email, Name, Phone Number, and Business Role
  3. Select the Subscriptions that this user account should join. Options include:
      • The Lab Newsletter: new case studies and marketing content from our team
      • New Feature Announcements: announces changes and developments within Second Street
      • Systems Maintenance: updates on scheduled maintenance and outage updates
  4. Select the organization(s) that this user should have access to
  5. Update the list of permissions to determine the types of actions the user can take in the platform
  6. Click Save and Send Invitation

Viewing and Searching for Users

The Users section of the platform is accessed by selecting the hamburger menu from the upper left corner, and then selecting Users. 


You will see a full list of users that have accounts associated with organizations or chains you are a member of. If you need to filter the list of results, you can do so by clicking the dropdown arrow on the search bar. You can search by Email, Name, or Organization.

Tip! If you need to create a new account for a user, but do not have the Admin Creation permission, you can check the box in the Advanced Search for “Can create and manage admin users.” Users that are returned in search results will have the ability to create new users for your organization. 

Editing or Deleting a Current User

Follow the steps under Viewing and Searching for Users to locate your user record

Once you have located the user you are looking to edit by using the search function or finding their name/email in the list, you can perform any of the following actions: 


  • Edit the user’s basic information including name, phone number, and role
  • Update organizations that the user has access to
  • Add or Remove permissions
  • Delete a user by clicking the overflow in the top right corner

Heads Up! You will only be able to assign permissions that you have on your own account.