Managing Admin Users Within Your Organization

Creating a New Admin User

You have the ability to set which permissions you'd like each new admin user to have. Each user added to your organization will receive a login link prompting them to setup a password.


Here is a list of permissions that can be assigned to any admin user:

Admin User Creation

  • Create other users that can login to the Second Street admin tool

    Content Approval

    • Approve user-generated content, such as entries in a photo contest, to appear in public galleries on consumer sites


    • Customize the look and feel of promotions, interactive content, forms, and messages

    Export User Info

    • Download consumer data such as email addresses


    • View revenue information

    Message Configuration

    • Create and edit messages

    Offers Administration

    • Can create and edit offers

    Opt-in Administration

    • Create and edit subscription opt-in fields.

    Opt-in User Import

    • Upload email addresses to an opt-in

    Organization Settings

    • Edit Organization Defaults

    Promotions, Interactive Content, and Forms Configuration

    • Edit existing promotions, interactive content, and forms

    Promotions, Interactive Content, and Forms Creation

    • Create new promotions, interactive content, and forms

    Segmented Audience Administration

    • Create and edit segments of customers that meet specific criteria

    Winner Selection

    • Pick winners of contests and sweepstakes