Creating a New Email

Navigate to the Email Tab and click the Create Button. Select the Email Campaign type you’d like to create.

Creating a new email

Message Basics



This is the name of your message. This name is used on the message listing page and in search results. It will not be seen by your audience.


You can categorize messages for reporting purposes. Additionally, if your message is sent to a user not targeted by opt-ins or tags, they will be given the option to opt-out of the message category if then click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.


You can choose any number of tags to apply to this message based on its content. Anyone who opens this message will be tagged with what you choose here.

Tip! This option will only be available for accounts that license Audience Insights.

Design your Message


Next, you will be able to design the look, feel, and content of your email. Check out this article that details our different design options!

Determine your Email Recipients


- Select which audience(s) you’d to receive your email

Tip! You can add any audience as an exclusion list to prevent those members from receiving your email.

- Enable Deliverability Boost

Tip! This will be turned on by default to improve your email’s deliverability.

- Add any email addresses to be CC’d when the email sends

Schedule your Email


The schedule step lets you set the dates, times, and frequencies for each of your email campaigns. Each email campaign type will have different options.

Here are links to each email type that will go into more detail regarding the Schedule step:

- Single Email - Schedule

- Newsletter - Schedule

- Single Email Drip Campaign - Schedule

- Multiple Email Drip Campaign - Schedule

- Birthday Email - Schedule

Confirm your Email


The final Confirmation step gives you a quick summary of the email campaign. As displayed in the image above, our system will let you know what steps are not yet set up, and you won't be able to confirm the email until all steps are complete.

Once you've determine everything looks good, and each setup step is completed, you can click the checkbox to confirm and schedule.