Custom From Addresses

Why Should I Create a Custom From Address?

A from address that includes your website domain helps build trust with your subscribers, and often improves deliverability. Second Street offers the ability to easily set one up and provides optional SPF and DKIM records to add to your DNS for increased performance. In the future, you will be able to email your DNS provider directly from setup. Please see the Help! section below if you do not have access to, or are unable to manage your DNS.

Heads Up!: We recommend using a dedicated sender-account (an email address only used for sending emails) as your Custom From Address.

How to Set Up a Custom From Address

Use the Hamburger Menu button in the top-left hand corner to access your Organization Setting.




Once in your Organization Settings, scroll down to the Connected Accounts section to edit your From Email Addresses



Next, click the button in the bottom right corner to add a new custom From Email Address

Enter the From Email Address you’d like to use to send emails, as well as the From Name you’d like displayed when emails are delivered.



Tip! By default, your from email address will also act as the ‘reply-to’. You can change this in the custom from address setup, or when you create an email.

Managing Your DNS

Authenticate Second Street to send from your domain by clicking Manage DNS Yourself



Add the records to your DNS by copying/pasting them from the setup instructions. Once you’ve added the necessary records, click the button to Verify Authentication.



Your custom From Address will display as Sendable But Not Authenticated until the records are added to your DNS.

Tip! It may take up to 48 hours for Second Street to verify the DNS records were added correctly.


If you're unable to manage or access your own DNS, your custom from address will remain Un-Authenticated. You will still be able to use this from-address to send emails, but it won’t be optimal for email deliverability. Take a look at this article to learn more about how a custom from address can boost the open rates of your emails.