Setup Help

Custom Pick'em Contest - Prizes

This guide will detail how you can enter your Prizes for your Custom Pick'em Contest.


Overall Prize Settings

If you do not want to offer prizes, just uncheck the Offer Prizes box.

Edit Prizes

Choose which place you are entering prizes for - 1st-5th

Choose the Entry Type - Templated or Freeform

Templated Prize Entry

This format allows for:

- A Description

- A link to an Image or Logo

If you want to add an image, it will need to be hosted. You can add the hosted image URL to this field to add the image.

- Name of the Sponsor

- Link to Sponsor

Sample Templated Prize Display


Freeform Prize Field

If you prefer, you can add prizes using the HTML editor. Here, you can enter custom text hyperlinks and images to customize the look of your prizes.

Tip! Be sure to check the Winners tab to review the display. If you make the entries too wide, you risk forcing the table to expand beyond its boundaries.

Sample Freeform Prize Display