Setup Help

Custom Pick'em Contest - Special Section

The Special tab allows you to control certain aspects of your contest like inserting an age restriction, adding or removing users from an email list, and re-picking winners.

- Set Age Restrictions

- Add/Remove Users from the Weekly Reminder Email List

- Pick Week Winners

Here you can re-pick a week winner if the current winner needs to be marked ineligible, or for any other reason. Changing a winner in place X will change all places after X; where X is the place number you choose to replace.  So, if you change the 1st place winner, this will change the winner for all other places.

- Pick Overall Winner

- Recompute Scores from Scratch

This is helpful to use if you accidentally enter a score incorrectly. After you have edited the score for that game, you can Recompute Scores from Scratch so that all users' scores will appear correctly.

- Reset Winners