Setup Help

Custom Pick'em Contest - VIPs

You can add VIP pickers to your contest with which your users can compare their picks and complete.


VIP Teaser and Header


The Teaser is what will appear as the link to the VIP picks on the contest pick page.


The Header is the text that will appear above the VIP scoreboard on the Leaders page.

Tip! You will want to keep this short.

Setup VIPs

When setting up a VIP, you will need to enter the following:



VIP Email

Tip! A VIP will not appear in the VIP sections of the contest until they have registered and logged in to the contest.

Comparing Picks with VIPs

When a registered user clicks on the Teaser, they will be brought to a page that lays out all of their picks for the current round, as well as the picks of the VIPs. If there are more than 4 VIPs, there will be navigation buttons at the top of the page to show the other VIPs, 4 at a time.