Defaults - Default Wrapper

Adding a Default Wrapper will ensure that every new promotion you create will inherit that wrapper.

Creating a default wrapper within your organization setting can be great time saver for admins creating new contest if your organization utilizes wrappers/scrape pages when publishing your promotions. The default wrapper will automatically be added to every new contest you create on the new platform.

Accessing your Default Wrapper

default wrapper

To access your default wrapper, click on the three lined menu in the upper left corner, select Settings, then select the Edit option next to Default Wrapper.

Adding a Wrapper for Large and Small Devices


You can set the same wrapper or two different wrappers for large and small devices.

Note: You can use the same wrapper for both large and small devices if your wrapper is suitable for mobile.

You have three wrapper options:

  • No Wrapper

This will present the contest with no branding.

  • Scrape PagePicture1-1

A scrape page is a URL that lives on your organizations' content management system. It contains HTML representing the look and feel of your organization along with a token, {SS-APP}, which represents the section within the HTML that the Second Street promotion will be appear.

  • Custom HTMLPicture1-2

Upon choosing the Custom HTML option, you will be presented with an area to build out your HTML. The token {SS-APP} again needs to placed in the location you would like the Second Street promotion to populate.

Adding a Wrapper for Legacy Platform ContestsPicture1-3

You can set the default wrapper for any contest created on the Legacy Platform by clicking on the option at the top of the page.

Note: Promotion types run on the Legacy Platform include: Legacy Submission Contests, Pick'ems, National Sports Contests, Legacy Prediction Brackets.

Within this section, you will be able to set default branding for your Legacy Platform promotions. Check out this article that will go into more detail about editing your branding within the Legacy Platform!