Defaults - Email Defaults: Content Blocks

You have the ability to set defaults for Email Content Blocks such as Banner Ads, Call to Action text, or Body Text. These will then be automatically added to any email you create within your account.

Accessing Your Default Email Content Blocks

defaults - content blocks

Navigate to your Organization Settings by clicking on the three-lined hamburger menu at the upper lefthand corner of the admin tool, then select Settings. Next, select the Edit option next to Email Defaults and then click on the Content Blocks tab.

Setting Email Content Block Defaults


Within your settings you will see all of the content blocks that are available to you. Simply click into the content block you'd like to edit.


Each content block will provide you with specific aspects that can be edited and set as default. For example, the Footer Image will allow you to insert an image, link URL, and description (alt text). To set the information added as default, select Save in the bottom right corner of the window.

Tip! This feature is only available to partners that license Email and Audience Insights.