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We offer many engaging email templates, but there may be an occasion where we don’t have the exact layout you are looking for. Now you can create your own without any coding skills! The Template Builder uses drag-and-drop functionality to assemble content to your liking in minutes. Now you can quickly and easily build a template that fits your brand or matches an existing template.tb1

Accessing Your Email Templates

defaults - email templates

Click on the three lined menu in the upper left corner of your admin tool, then select Settings to access your Organization Settings. Once in your Settings, you will click Edit next to Email Defaults, then select the Templates tab.

Structuring Your Template

The Template Builder gives you the freedom to determine where content goes and move elements around at any time. Think of templates as the structure for your content - this is where you style and determine what your layout looks like. That means you’ll have the option to modify the styling of any content element including the font, spacing, color, and size.

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