Defaults - Promotions Feed

The Promotions Feed is a way for you to display any active promotions you choose in a list that can be embedded on your website.

Setting Up the Promotions Feed

Promotions Tab

Ordering Promotions within the Feed

Configure Tab

Consumer Site

Setting Up the Promotions Feed


To set up the Promotions Feed, click on the hamburger menu at the top left of the screen, then click on ‘Settings.’ Once you’re on the Setting screen, scroll down to the Defaults section and click on Promotions Feed.

Note: Only users with the Organization Settings and Contests, Interactive Content, and Forms Creation permissions can access the feed setup.

Once you’ve set up your feed, you can embed this directly on your website!

Promotions Tab


To add promotions, click the blue + button in the lower right corner. 

A search modal will pop up that allows you to search for and add promotions to your feed.

Note: By default the five most recently created active promotions show up as options to add to the feed. Active promotions are promotions that appear in the Current and Upcoming list on the Contest and Interactive Content tabs. The search will not return past promotions, archived promotions, or promotions in ‘Test’ mode.

Type in any keyword or the name of the promotion in the search bar. Select a promotion from the list of results to add it to your feed.

Ordering Promotions Within the Feed


Promotions added to the feed will appear in two lists:  Active In Your Feed or Upcoming To Your Feed.

Active promotions are any promotions whose start date has passed. These promotions are visible in the feed to consumers.

Upcoming promotions are any promotions that are added to the feed but whose start date is in the future. These are not visible to consumers.

Items in the Upcoming list will automatically move into the Active list as the topmost promotion and push the others down

Tip! Promotions in the Active list can be reordered at any time using drag and drop.

Once a promotion’s end date has passed, it will automatically leave the feed. It cannot be added back to the feed unless the end date is extended into the future.

Heads Up!: Promotions with no end date such as Quizzes, Polls, or Surveys will never leave the Active list until manually removed or archived.

Each promotion in the feed has an overflow menu with the options to View or Remove. View will take you to the actual consumer site for that promotion. Remove will remove the promotion from the feed list

When you are done setting up your feed, the View option in the header bar will show you a preview of the consumer site for the Promotions Feed

Configure Tab

Screen Shot 2020-02-27 at 3.49.50 PM

The Configure tab allows you to set a title for your Promotions Feed and access the embed code.

Tip! The Page Title is optional and will show above the feed.

Embedding the Promotions Feed

The Promotions Feed can be hosted by Second Street or embedded on a website. If you wish to embed, just select Get Embed Code or Get Wordpress Shortcode to gather the embed code.

Consumer Site



The promotions feed can be found at your organization’s Second Street hosted domain, such as 

Each promotion will have its own title, which is based on the promotion campaign name. An image and description can also show as long as those were added to the promotion’s Design setup. This information pulls from the template image, the Prize & Details Message, or the Call to Action if the template does not have a Prize & Details message.

Note: Text for the description will truncate if it exceeds four lines of text and formatting will be normalized.