Domains - Add Trusted Domain

Second Street has taken steps to help protect the PII (Personally identifiable information) of your users. To protect your this data, you will need to approve the pages on which your promotions are embedded. You can do this by:

  • Entering the embed URL within the Publish step of your promotion
  • Adding trusted domains within your Organization Settings

Accessing your Organization Settings

org settingsClick on the three lined menu in the upper left corner of your admin tool. Then select Settings to access your Organization Settings.

Adding Trusted Domains

Heads Up! If you are embedding one promotion on multiple pages, adding an allowed embed domain will be required for the promotion to appear on all pages.


Scroll to the Domains section and select Add Trusted Domain. A modal will then appear for you to add your domain. An allowed embed domain could look something like This will then allow any of your promotions to be embedded on any page with the domain of

Tip! You can add as many allowed embed domains as necessary.