Drip Campaign

Send a Drip Campaign to an Existing List of Users Using Audience Join Date

Drip campaigns allow you to send a series of messages to users based on a specific date, either their audience join date, or based on a specific custom date field associated with their profile. When using audience join date, it is easiest to send to a new audience with no existing users that is created specifically for this campaign. 


Tip! Since users in existing audiences already have an audience join date, a drip campaign will not start sending to these users if they're already in the audience when the audience is added to the Recipients step. 

John has an audience called “Car Enthusiasts” that is made up of users that have opted in to a sponsor opt-in on a past promotion. He wants to start sending a drip campaign to these users for an ongoing promotional campaign for the sponsor. Users in the Car Enthusiasts audience already have an audience join date from when they opted in through the contest. Therefore, these users will not be sent messages in your drip campaign if an audience with existing users is added via the Recipients step because the date triggering the campaign to send is in the past. 

In order to send an audience with existing users while using the audience join date option, use this workflow to ensure that users are sent messages with the correct schedule. This process results in the user having an audience join date specifically for this campaign, which allows the drip series to start sending. 

  1. Download your audience: Download your full original audience of existing users that you plan to send the campaign to.
  2. Create your drip campaign: Build the campaign, start to finish. Include ALL email versions that you have planned for your series of messages.
  3. Create your drip campaign audience, but DO NOT IMPORT USERS: Setup your audience that will be used for your drip campaign, but do not upload the list of members to the audience yet, just name it. 
  4. Assign the “empty” audience: Add the audience as you normally would via the Recipients step of your message. The audience should still not have users added to it. 
  5. Schedule and Confirm the Email: Finalize your email by checking the box on the Confirmation step.
  6. Upload Your Audience: Return to the Audiences dashboard, select your Drip audience, and upload the list. Members of this audience now have an audience join date of the date you uploaded the list, and are eligible to receive messages from your campaign.

Heads Up! If the last email in your series is sent before you create a new message, users that receive the final email will be marked “Complete” and will not receive messages that you add to the campaign later.