Building a Template from Scratch

Edit Tab



The Edit tab for every template shows the organization of content in what is called the tree view. The tree view shows each Section in your email, and all the content blocks inside each Section in the order they appear, top to bottom.

The Edit tab is not essential to building an email template, but offers two specific benefits:

- It gives a helpful view of your template’s content in the event you have a hard time locating it in the preview

- It allows you to easily select Sections or content blocks that may be hard to click from the preview.

A Section or Divider with no padding at all may be hard to select. The tree view on the Edit tab allows you to simply click the content block in the list.

Also, the tree view is a great way to make sure there is not empty or “invisible” content in your template you don’t need, such as an empty Custom HTML component or a white divider on a white background.


A Section with content inside of it has a arrow pointing to the right. You must click on the arrow to open the Section. Then, clicking the Section or content block opens the attribute editor.

When your cursor hovers over a Section or content block, that element will be highlighted in the preview.

Tip! You cannot click and drag within the tree view. However, if you click and drag Sections or content blocks in the preview, you will see the tree view rearrange itself.