Email Campaign Types


Single Email

You can use a Single Email campaign to curate the content for a single send. You’re able to schedule the email to go out in the future, or Save and Send Now to send immediately after the message is confirmed.

Single Email also features A/B Testing that allow you to test the effectiveness of your email based on the Open Rate or Click Rate.


A Newsletter can be used to automatically schedule and send content that gets published to your content management system (CMS).

You can design the newsletter with a template that uses an RSS Feed or set up a scrape page that gets updated along with your sending schedule.

Drip Campaign

A Drip Campaign can be used to send a series of emails to an audience based on a specific date.

You can schedule the first email to go out whenever a recipient joins an audience, or based off of a custom date field. Additional message versions can be scheduled to send after each previous email in the series.

Birthday Email

A Birthday Email is an automated campaign that is scheduled to send based on each recipients’ birthday.