Advertiser Showcase FAQ

  • Why should I set up multiple sweepstakes in a Showcase?
    • A Showcase allows you to create a one-stop shop where users can easily access links to multiple sweepstakes. It also provides more visibility to all of the Sweepstakes that are included.
  • Can I run all of the different promotions in parallel or space them out?
    • When setting up your Showcase, you can choose to have all of your promotions open at the same time, or you can have your promotions open and end at differing times. Neither option is better or worse, it just depends on your initiatives!
      • If you are running a Home Makeover Showcase where you want to provide users access to sweepstakes for multiple partners, this may be a good opportunity to have all sweepstakes open at the same time so users can enter any sweepstakes with which they have interest.
      • If you are running a Holiday Showcase, you may choose to run it with a 'Days of Giving' initiative. In this example, you could have one sweepstakes open per day, which will keep your users coming back day after day as different sweepstakes open up. 
  • Should I embed each of the different promotions, or should I leave them hosted at secondstreetapp.com?
    • We suggest embedding each of your promotions so you are driving site traffic to your website.
  • Do I send Invite Emails from the showcase itself, or from each of the different promotions?
    • You should send your Invitation Emails from your Showcase so that users are provided with a link to the Showcase where they can access all of the promotions listed within the Showcase.
  • Should I create and confirm a Thank You email for each promotion?
    • Yes, you should create a Thank You email within each of the promotions you link within your Showcase. This allows for more branding opportunities for the sponsor of each promotion and gives you with the opportunity to send bounce-back coupons, etc. to users who enter each promotion.