Advertiser Showcase Overview

2020-10-08_09-52-03A Showcase is a central landing page where users can access multiple sweepstakes, promotions, or sponsor sites. The traditional Showcase will include links to multiple Sweepstakes that you’ve created for multiple sponsors, and will present them all on one page. This way each business is highlighted with their own contest, but the collection of sweepstakes makes it a huge campaign and will drive more engagement overall. An example of this would be a Holiday Showcase

In this type of showcase, we suggest securing 6-12 local businesses for the campaign. These could include downtown businesses, local specialty boutiques, or take-out restaurants. The great thing about having a larger pool of participating businesses in the campaign is everyone benefits from larger exposure!

You would then create a Sweepstakes for each sponsoring business for a prize they provide. This could be a large item, basket of products, and/or gift certificates. Include both email opt-ins and lead-generation questions in each individual sweepstakes you create for your sponsors to maximize their results.

Next, you would place the links/URLs for each sponsor Sweepstakes within your Showcase so your users can access all of the Sweepstakes in one place.

Keep in mind, you can use promotion types other than a Sweepstakes for your Showcase. You can place any type of promotion URL, or any website URL for that matter, in your Showcase to provide users with a singular page where they can gain access to those links. The options are endless!

There are 3 different types of Showcases you can create:

  • A Showcase with a list of Sponsors
  • A Showcase with Categories of Sponsors
  • A Showcase with Groups of Categories of Sponsors

Here are some Showcase Turnkeys for a list of Sponsors:

Here is a Showcase Turnkey that you can use if you’d like to include Categories or Groups of Categories of Sponsors:

Turnkey coming soon!

Now that you have a better understanding of what a Showcase is, check out this article that will walk through the typical Showcase setup that will include a list of sponsors with links to their custom Sweepstakes.