Setup Help

Event Sign-Ups - Sign-Up Details

On the Sign-Up Details step you can set your dates and a limit to the number of signups.

Create the Event Sign-Up

EventSignUps-HowtoaddUnder the Events tab, click the blue event creation button at the bottom right of the screen, and then select Even Sign-Up.

Add the Event DetailsEventSignUpAddDetails

Here you can add the event details that will be used to build a calendar invite on the Thank You page of the consumer site. You’ll want to add the Event Name, Event Start/End Date & Time, Event Address, and Calendar Event Details.

Tip! The Event Name and Event Start/End dates will be available as tokens for you to use within the Email step and Legal step.

Note: All times are in Central time. Calendar invites are designed for Apple, Google, and Outlook.

Set a Signup LimitEventSignUpSignUpLimit

You can choose to allow for Unlimited signups for the Event Sign-Up, or you can set a limit to an exact number of signups.

Note: If the signup limit is met before the sign-up is over, we will automatically stop signups for you.

Set the Sign-Up DatesEventSignUpSignUpTime

Here you can set the dates during which your users can sign up for your event.