General FAQ

Viewing Promotion Reports in the Platform

There are two ways you can access your promotion’s data: by downloading a report, or by viewing the data in the platform. Viewing your promotion’s data within the platform is a more secure way to view user’s PII (personally identifiable information).

Viewing From the Dashboard

Sweeps View Promo Data 2

Click the View button on your dashboard’s charts to launch the in-platform data view. From here you can sort by any column or by a keyword filter so you can quickly locate specific data.

Sweeps Entries Dash View Promo Data Searching

Viewing from the Report Modal

Viewing From Report Modal

You can also access the View function from the green Report Download Modal button at the bottom right of the screen.

Viewing Long Text Submissions


To view longer submission information like a photo caption or long text submission within the platform, simply hover your mouse over the part of the row where you'd like to see the full content.