Engagement Dashboard

Engagement Dashboard - Overview

This will walk through each aspect of your Engagement Dashboard and what each metric means.

Recently Viewed Section

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This shows the six most recent contests, interactive content, emails, or audiences you’ve been working on.

Engagement Over the Last 30 Days

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This counts a Registration, Entry, Vote, Email Read, or Email Click for any email address in the organization. It will count a user one time, even if they do any of those things more than once in the last 30 days.
  1. The large numbers in the four boxes indicate the promotions, interactive content, emails, or audiences that have had an interaction in the last 30 days. Interactions include registrations, submissions, votes, and nominations for promos, and opens and clicks in emails.
  2. The smaller numbers in the colored bars in each box indicate the number of entries, votes, opens, clicks, people added, people lost (unsubscribed) in the last 30 days.
  3. The list of promotions and interactive content is ordered by the most entries. The list of emails shown is ordered by sent date. The audiences shown are in order of size.

Engagement Over Time

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This chart displays the growth of the number of people accumulated over time for your organization. This does include deleted users and users who are not sendable. This list is updated weekly and each user is counted once.

Recent Email Performance

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This chart shows the performance for the last 6 sent emails from your organization, market, or chain. If you click the View Report button, this will allow you to see, filter, and export information of all previously sent emails.

Top Tags

This chart shows how many users have participated in a contest, interactive content, or email that has an interest tag applied to it. It currently shows the top level tag category, not the sub-level tag within that category.

Top Audiences

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This chart shows the top 10 largest audiences on the Audiences tab and lists them in order of size from greatest to least.


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The Engagement Dashboard also provides a demographic breakdown of your account's entire database including:
  • Gender breakdown
  • Heat map of the most popular locations
  • Age breakdown