Engagement Dashboard

Engagement Dashboard - Tagging

You can apply interest tags your contests, interactive content, and emails. This will allow you to target users with certain interests.

Top Tags Chart

The Top Tags chart shows how many users have participated in a contest, interactive content, or email that has an interest tag applied to it. It currently shows the top level tag category, not the sublevel tag within that category.

Selecting the View Tags option will take you to the Tag Categories page.

Tag Categories

Here you will be able to view the total number of contests, interactive content, and messages that you have yet to tag. To begin tagging these, simply click on the category you wish wish to start tagging.

Accessing Previously Tagged Promotions

To view previously tagged promotions, click into a category and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Previously Tagged Promotions

Here you will be able to review and edit previously tagged promotions

Tagging Contests & Promotions at Creation

Contests can be tagged one of two ways.  A contest can be tagged when

- First created

- Through the Tag Category page

To add a tag, simply begin typing in the tag field, and select tags as they appear. Or, you can select the search option to view a hierarchy of available tags.

Untagged Contest

To add a tag, simply begin typing in the add tag field and select tags as they appear, or select the search option to view a hierarchy of available tags.   You can also view the contest by selecting the three dot overflow menu.

Hierarchy of Tags

Tags are organized by different categories in which you can drill down to very specific tags within that overall tag.

Selecting Tags

In the above example, we're tagging a TV awards show contest.  So we have selected Arts & Entertainment as the overall tag.  But we've also selected other more specific tags within the overall Arts & Entertainment tag. By selecting more specific tags for the contest, you will be able to better identify your users.

Click here to download an excel file of all tags

Tagging a Ballot

You have the ability to tag the entire ballot, adding tags for not only the ballot overall, but all groups and categories as well.