Enterprise Tools

Enterprise Tools - Overview

Our platform offers tools that will assist your entire organization and help you streamline local market setups.

Property Hierarchy


We have the ability to set your accounts with a hierarchy of Chain, Market, and Local properties. Check out how our platform handles hierarchy within default forms here.

Local and Group Permissions


You can provide your users with focused permissions within your organization. Users can have access to the entire chain, certain markets, or even just specific local organizations. Check out the types of permissions you can assign to each of your users that will provide them with certain access and editing abilities within the organizations.

To learn more about admin user management, click here!


2019-12-06_1701You can set defaults at the organization level for things like forms, rules & legal, and email content blocks. This comes in handy, as it allows all promotions and emails you create within your organization to automatically inherit what is set at those defaults.

Here is an article that details how default forms are handled within chain hierarchy.

Check out how to set default rules & legal here and default email content blocks here!

Email Data and Dashboard Reporting

2019-12-06_1705Our email reporting offers you a way to take a deep dive into the email analytics of each market or individual account within your chain.

Here's an article that provides even more information on what our Email Performance Report can offer!

Email Syndication2019-12-06_1718

We provide you with the ability to copy emails created at the chain and market levels to the accounts beneath them to help you streamline your emails and take the hassle out of having to recreate each email within each account. You can check out how email syndication works here!

Email Templates2019-12-06_1722

Our Template Builder allows you to create custom email templates within your organizations. You can create an email template within your top level account, which will then allow your market and child accounts access to the template. These articles will detail how you can create your own email templates!

Contest Syndication

We have the ability to copy any contest or interactive content you create to other accounts within your organization. Here is an article that details what is needed to achieve this!


Turnkey campaigns are ready-to-run, easy-to-customize solutions that cover a variety of topics including sports, entertainment, seasonal, & news. We provide 500+ turnkeys that will provide your sales, marketing, & digital content teams with endless opportunities. Check out our list of available turnkeys here.

You also have the ability to add contests you create as turnkeys from a top level account, allowing all market/local accounts access to the contest within their turnkey section.