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Fall Forward with Fall Promotion Ideas

This article will highlight ideas for promotions you can run during the Fall/Holiday season. Also included are helpful case studies, lab articles, and help documentation to boost your success!

Contest Ideas

135 Ideas for September Holidays

Suggested Turnkeys for Oct, Nov, Dec

Did you know you can customize a Turnkey?

Once you’ve added a Turnkey contest or promotion to your property, you can customize the turnkey as you see fit - editing questions, outcomes, text, and graphics to make the contest or promotion your own. 

Tip! You can check out a full list of Turnkeys by downloading our Turnkey Library


Cutest Trick or Treater

What Type Of Candy Are you?

Which Halloween Costume Should You Wear?

Which Scary Halloween Movie Are You?


Test Your Turkey Day Knowledge

Which Pie Should You Make

Thanksgiving Food Poll


Scared of Santa Photo Contest

Can we Guess Your Christmas Food?

Holiday Movie Quotes Trivia

12 Days of Giving  (Advertiser Showcase)

Fun Contest Types to Generate Recurring Revenue

Advertiser Showcase

What is it?

An Advertiser Showcase is essentially a single landing page for multiple contest around a single theme or subject.

Why should I create one?

By creating a showcase, you are able to promote multiple advertisers and contest through a single page, allowing users to select the contest or promotion they want to enter.

How can I create one?

Check our our help manuals that will detail how an Advertiser Showcase can be created here!

Benefits of an Advertiser Showcase

  • Ability to sell to multiple advertisers around a single theme
  • Ability to promote a single concept or theme to users
  • Drive traffic to a single page

Multi-Month Campaigns

What is it?

Multi-month campaigns are a single campaign that you turn into a 9-12 month opportunity sold to a single presenting sponsor - such as a year-long top teacher campaign or a monthly getaway giveaway.

Why should I create one?

This will provide you with a strategy for not only simplifying your sales process, but for also driving revenue month after month. Securing a big sponsorship for a single contest is great, but then you have to do it again and again each month - this allows you to secure a sponsorship for potentially the entire year!

How can I create one?

Check out our help manual that details how to set up a recurring revenue campaign!