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Getting Started with a National Pro Football Pick'em

COVID Disclaimer:
If a game is canceled, postponed or forfeited for any reason, or if a game ends in a tie, no points will be awarded for that game and winner(s) will still be determined as set forth in these Official Rules. If a tie breaker game is cancelled, postponed or forfeited and there is a tie, the national winner will be chosen randomly. If an entire week of game play is cancelled or postponed, the national weekly prize for that week will be determined in a random drawing of all eligible participants who submitted game picks for that week prior to the week’s cancellation in accordance with these Official Rules. If the entire Football season is cancelled, the national grand prize will be determined in a random drawing from among all eligible participants who submitted game picks in the Contest prior to the season cancellation in accordance with these Official Rules. For eligibility and prize details for local affiliate contests, see the entry page for the participating local affiliate

General Info

What is it?

The Pro Football Pick’em contest is a national, 21 week contest that is available to partners licensing Contests. The first game of the 2019 season is on Thursday, September 5th 2019, and the contest will complete after the Big Game on  Sunday February 2, 2020. Second Street manages the contest, updates the match-ups each week, provides national prizes and notifies all national winners via email throughout the duration of the regular season.

Featuring a new look and feel for 2019! Click here to learn more about the Pro Football Pick’em Refresh

What prizes are offered?

Along with the potential to win a variety of national prizes, we encourage you to also offer local prizes. This is a great way to motivate your audience to register for the contest, and an opportunity to provide more exposure to your local sponsors. Second Street provides the following national prizes:

Weekly Top Score Prize - Fathead of winner’s choice (valued at $89)

Overall Survivor Prize - $500 Amazon gift card

Second Chance Survivor Prize - $250 Amazon gift card

Overall Grand Prize - Trip for two to Hawaii (valued at $5000)

When is the contest available? 

The Pro Football Pick'em will be available in your Contest listing mid-June to give you enough time to plan, sell, and promote. The contest spans the entire pro football season, starting September 5, 2019 and ending with the Big Game on February 2, 2020. 

Registered users can begin making picks for the first week’s games on August 1st, 2019.

Second Street also provides a Big Game Challenge that you can utilize to engage your audience for the Big Game on Sunday, February 2nd 2020. This contest will be available as a turnkey contest in early December to begin setting up. Registered users will be able to make picks after the completion of both conference championship games on January 20, 2020. The Big Game will take place on Feb 2, 2020.

How can I get started?

Check out this article that highlights 11 Steps to Set Up Your National Contest

Download the Pro Football Spec Sheet to learn about different branding opportunities available

Resources to help you make the most of your Pro Football Pick’em:

football playbook ad block 2019

Case Studies

Featured Turnkeys Available Now

Download the Turnkey Library to find promotions you can bundle with your Pro Football Pick'em. Here are a few fun examples you can use to get started:

New for 2019 - 2019 SNF Matchup Quizzes. This new category is available at the bottom of the turnkeys area and features a Trivia Quiz for each featured Sunday Night matchup. 

Personality Quiz - Can We Guess Your Tailgate Personality? 

Trivia Quiz - What College Did This Pro Player Attend?